How to Wear Leggings As Celebrity

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You have your wardrobe full of all kinds of pants, but every time it feels like “lazy style day” you just can’t help it… You reach out for that all-time-favorite pair of comfy leggings. Well, leggings are just so comfortable (and versatile), that it is really hard to say ‘”no” to them. Honestly, why would you say “no” to a pair of leggings? You could find out new ways to wear them instead. With so many celebrities wearing leggings, we sure have lots of looks to be inspired by. Have you ever wondered how celebrities such as Rihanna, Jessica Alba and many others, manage to look stylish and chic in any outfits, even in an outfit with leggings? I am going to share with you three secrets of how to wear leggings as celebrity, so your leggings outfit becomes anything but casual.

To wear leggings as Jessica Alba throw in an attention-grabbing accessory
You can wear your leggings casually as many celebrities do. Combine your leggings with a basic long sweater, similar to the ones Jessica Alba and Lauren Conrad are wearing. Notice that both of them wear an accessory that makes the outfit really stand out. Want to wear your leggings as a celebrity? Make sure to throw in an attention-grabbing item. A bright-printed scarf, a beanie, a fedora, a pair of long gloves – it can be anything that suits your own style and preferences.

Jessica Alba on Celebmz


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