Kanye West Can’t Keep His Hands Off Kim Kardashian

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5 (100%) 2 votes

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of her wedding to Kanye West, social media superstar Kim Kardashian has been flooding her Instagram with behind-the-scenes snaps from the couple’s lavish nuptials.

The video features newlyweds Kim and Kanye slowly revolving around a massive dance floor. Kim’s custom Givenchy train trails behind her and the groom looks dapper in his tux—but one thing doesn’t add up. Kanye appears to be…a mediocre dancer. Seriously, he looks like a nervous teenager at his first bar mitzvah! He spends most of their first dance (to John Legend singing “All of Me” live, people!) running his hands over Kim’s behind, kissing his new bride and letting his arms swing by his sides.

Hey, I guess he didn’t have time for dance lessons in between chartering private jets and ordering those 49-foot-tall golden toilets. Kim, to give her credit, looks lovely and positively beaming (as she should be!).

Watch KIM and West Video Before Wedding

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